Extra Patrol

This page is designed to easily assist you if you are going to leave your residence for any reason for more then 24 hours. If you would like us to place your residence on extra patrol please email us by clicking the link to the side or contact us at 417-845-3723 or 417-845-2681.

(information submitted by this form goes directly to the Chief of Police’s email and can only be accessed by him.)

As always, we are happy to assist any Citizen but due to the fact that we are a City agency with Jurisdiction only in the City of Anderson we cannot perform extra patrol on properties located outside of the city. If you live or own property outside of the City Limits of Anderson Missouri please contact the McDonald County Sheriff’s Department or your local Law Enforcement Agency.

Include in the email your address, phone number, name, time you are going to be away from home, emergency contact and any special request. You will get a confirmation email within 2 business days showing we have received it and that your home is on extra patrol.