Full-time officers

Below is a list of our Full-Time Officers.

Chief of Police Donavon Pierson  (Officer since 2009)

I started my career as an Officer with the City of Anderson Police Department in 2009. In October 2010 I was promoted to Chief of Police. I attended College at Missouri Southern State University where I majored in Criminal Justice.

Assistant Chief of Police Daniel Gardner (Officer since 2005)

Assistant Chief Daniel Gardner was raised in the Anderson Area. He has worked in the area since 2005. Most recently he was the School Resource Officer for the McDonald County School District.

Officer Ben Shoemaker (Officer since 2010)

Officer Shoemaker has worked for the Anderson Police Department  since 2010. He has recently joined the Department full-time and is still very active with the Anderson Fire Department.

Officer Linda Belt (Officer since 1993 )

Officer Belt has been in Law Enforcement since 1993. Belt grew up in the Anderson Area before moving to the Kansas City area where she was an Officer. Belt has been with the Anderson Police Department since 1996.

Officer Cesar Maturino (Officer since 2014)

Officer Maturino has started his Law Enforcement career in 2014, after graduating from the MSSU Law Enforcement Academy. Maturino is currently a full-time Criminal Justice student at MSSU and still runs his own  concrete business.

E-mail: dgardner@andersonpd.us