205.020  All dog’s residing within the City Limits of Anderson Missouri must possess a valid city license


205.030  All dog’s over 6 months in age must be immunized for Hydrophobia or “Rabies” and the owner must show proof of immunization prior to the dog being licensed in the city.


205.220  Only 3 dogs over the age of 4 months allowed per owner




205.250  You must have your dog behind a fence, on a leash, on a chain or other device that ensures the animal cannot leave your property on its own.




205.080  Dogs which have a disposition or history of attacking humans or other domestic animals, a dog of Bull Terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, or dogs which are mixed with any of the above breeds or known as pit bull or pit bull terrier are not allowing in the city unless the provisions in section 205.300 (listed below) are met.


205.300  Any person who owns or harbors a dog described above must register the dog with the Anderson Police Department and must provide            the Anderson Police Department with the name, address and telephone number of the owner or keeper, the location of where the dog will stay, 2 colored photographs of the dog and proof that the owner or keeper has liability insurance that covers the animal (must be atleast $50,000 of single incident insurance. Additionally the owner or keeper must within 10 days report a death, permanent removal, or birth of pups. No person can sell or transfer a “vicious” dog to another person within the city limits unless the person lives at the same property. You may sell or transfer the animal to someone who lives outside of the city.  All dogs who are within this section must be indoors, in a pen or kennel or in some enclosure that is secure and is 6 feet in height and must be locked with a key or combination lock while the animal is in the enclosure. The enclosure must also have a secure floor or bottom or the enclosure must go down 2 feet below the ground. Additionally the dog must be on a metal chain less then 10 feet which is to be attached to a metal stake (dogs with young pups who are still nursing do not have to have a chain). If you are walking the dog you must have the dog on a leash not longer then 4 feet and the dog must have a muzzle on it.




205.320  In order to have livestock or poultry within the city you must have an exemption by the Board of Aldermen.




205.340  In order to keep or harbor an exotic or protected species in the city you must be licensed by the State of Missouri and have the license and the animal registered with the Animal Control Officer of the city.